Prize of Human Rights Martine Anstett - 2019 Prize

2019 Martine Anstett Prize
Evdokia Romanova is awarded Martine Anstett 2019 Prize!

Evdokia Romanova was born in 1990 in Kuibishev (Samara since 1991) in the USSR.
Her fight for human rights focuses on, among others, people with disabilities, women's rights and the rights of refugees. She is a member of the LGBT Rights Movement, Avers, which provides legal and psychological support to the LGBT community and advocates for the rights of other LGBT groups.
On 18 October 2017, she was prosecuted for an administrative offense of "propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations between minors using the Internet".
This was based on articles she shared on her private Facebook page in 2015 and 2016.

(Photograph by Louise Linsenbolz)

Call for applications

Each year on April 29, the anniversary of the death of Martine Anstett, the Association will give Martine Anstett Prize Award to a man or woman notably involved in the defense of the Human Rights.

The person honored, regardless of sex, age, religion or nationality, will be given the prize with a check for a minimum amount of 1,500 euros. The award should be considered by the laureate as a reward for the work already done but also as an encouragement to continue their efforts in favor of the human rights.

All the details are on this PDF file, "Martine Anstett Prize 2018-2019".".


November 30, 2018 (midnight Paris time): closing day for applications.


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