Why an association for
the "Prize of Human Rights
Martine Anstett?"

(A preamble extracted from the Articles of the Association)

On 29 April, 2015 Martine Anstett disappeared abruptly. Her family, but also her close friends, defenders of the Human Rights, - whether they lived in Paris, Tunisia, Madagascar and Geneva -, were stunned by her sudden death at the age of 46.
Martine left her companion and their young son Jules, 6 years old, in a great distress.
The shock wave caused by this loss also affects her friends and collaborators that work every day for the protection and defense of Human Rights.
Martine was indeed a person particularly involved in the fight against all forms of repression against human dignity. This was an early vocation upon her entry into professional life. Whether she participated in UNO Geneva, Amnesty International or International Francophone Organization, her expertise as a jurist, her smiling tenacity and tireless availability for the defense of the oppressed, aroused unanimous respect among her peers. Child soldiers, atrocities against women, families whose relatives were victims of enforced disappearance and transitional justice, Martine could master each of these cases with strength and subtlety.
Until the end, that is, until her last breath, she has worked and supported these causes.

In order that the memory of this exceptional commitment should not be lost and because around the world public people work a difficult and often thankless work in favor of the human rights and should thus be encouraged, the decision was made to create this Association. It will annually reward a person, man or woman, whose commitment to human rights is remarkable and, as such, deserves notice and support.