Association for Martine Anstett Prize


Apply to Martine Anstett Prize

To apply to Martine Anstett Prize, simply send us an email to (, or write to our address:

130 rue de la Roquette, 75011 PARIS

No application can be made by telephone.

Your mail - which can be a report or recommendation from a friend or a person, man or woman - must provide as many details as possible describing your action in the service of Human Rights.

Ideally, it should be accompanied by at least one photo, and, when appropriate, by articles or testimonies in favor of this person. In general, the more complete the file, the more chances for the application to be retained.

The Association members have the right to check information as deemed necessary.


  • 31 December, 2015, midnight (hour from Paris, France): closing day for applications to Martine Anstett Prize

  • 20 January, 2016, midnight (hour from Paris, France): pre-selection of the 20 finalists by the Association Governing Board members who will retain 6 candidates

  • 7 February, 2016: vote of the jury to choose the laureate

  • 29 or 30 April, 2016: notification and award ceremony of Martine Anstett Prize after a dedicated evening (dinner and show)in presence of the laureate

The applications received after the closing day may possibly be selected for the following year.

Each successful application will be informed via email or letter.

Martine Anstett Association:

  • President: Frantz Vaillant

  • Honorary President: Louis Joinet

  • Secretary: Delphine Couveinhes Matsumoto

  • Assistant Secretary: Flora Vaillant

  • Treasurer: Marie Louise Anstett